Participating as an exhibitor at the 6TH CONGRESS OF THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF VETERINARY LABORATORY DIAGNOSTICIANS is to take advantage of the best showcase to make your products known to the largest international community of veterinary laborartory diagnosticians professionals, and position yourself before a large number of people who fit the profile of your products. The Congress offers the possibility to present your new products and innovate by sharing experiences with professionals, researchers, experts
and scientists of recognized prestige.


Advantages of being an exhibitor:

  • Being an Exhibitor is an opportunity to reach a large number of people that fit the profile of your products.
  • Being present at the Congress is an opportunity for your company to have access to potential customers and to inform them about your products and services, and to establish long-term relationships.
  • Being an exhibitor is a proven tactic to position your business: combining advertising with persuasive face-to-face meetings.
  • The participants of the congress seek to expand their knowledge. And putting your company in this framework demonstrates your commitment to it.
  • Your business will significantly benefit from being exposed to an interested, relevant and influential audience in an informal, yet informative, setting away from day-to-day pressure.
  • Congress will help you achieve strategic goals by putting you in direct contact with your target audience.



  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary technician
  • Veterinary paraprofessional
  • Medical profession
  • Technician
  • Scientists and researcher
  • Other related to the laboratory diagnosis, public health and food safety