AVEDILA (Spanish Association of Veterinaries Specialised in Laboratory Diagnoses) was founded in 1992 with the purpose of promoting work sessions, conferences and technical support to professionals interested in the topic, as well as cooperating with the different national and international institutions in the field of veterinary laboratory diagnoses.

Together with the EAVLD, we want to organize an interesting Scientific Programme, which we hope will address the most interesting aspects within the challenges faced by our increasingly global world in the field of animal health. We will make a special emphasis on emerging and re-emerging diseases, many of them with a zoonotic character, that not only entail a clear health risk, but also bring about a social alarm that must be offset with clear information and precise actions in times of crisis. It is our obligation to fight in order to reduce the gap between the developed world and the less favoured countries, and especially, for something that should be a right of all the inhabitants in the world: the right to a good health status.

We cannot but mentioning here the unique possibility an event of this kind offers. Not only will the scientific programme be attractive for visitors from abroad. They will also have the chance of knowing a city like Seville, which in recent years has been able to join together its position of a major city with a wide cultural offer and an environmental-friendly evolution, which are turning it into an European reference. And together with Seville, the rest of Spain, with millions of sites for all tastes: beauty created both by man and by nature, all this seasoned with the Spanish personality, which makes nobody feel a foreigner in our land.

We want to invite you all to participate at the Conference with your scientific contributions and your physical presence. We would also like to invite collaborating firms to contribute to the success of the Symposium.

Be sure that AVEDILA will devote its commitment and illusion to make your stay as pleasant and useful as possible, both in scientific and in personal terms.

Jose Luis 2

Prof. Dr. José Luis Blanco


Spanish Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnoses (AVEDILA)

Department of Animal Health - Complutense University of Madrid

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